Bollywood comes together to support Raj Kiran

Bollywood is stunned to know that the veteran actor Raj Kiran is alive and spending days in a mental asylum in Atlanta. The film fraternities have come forward to help Raj Kiran and bring him back to India. His best buddies Rishi Kapoor and Deepti Naval traced the actor. Rishi on his recent visit to the US enquired about the actor and Deepti Naval through Facebook tried to know the whereabouts of the actor.

Not only film stars but politicians also expressed their concern for the yesteryears actor. Sushma Swaraj tweeted, 'It is a matter of great satisfaction that actor Raj Kiran has been traced after 10 long years. Unfortunately, he is in a mental asylum in America'.

Mithun Chakraborty said: "I have worked with Raj Kiran in many films and it is very sad news. I pray he gets well soon."

Shahrukh Khan too expressed his concern for Raj Kiran, "I don`t know the details...but of course we will come together as an industry to help his family and him. These are tough times, and it`s not just about economical or monetary help. It actually means to stand by a great talent…and he is still an amazing talent, I`m sure," Shah Rukh Khan told reporters here Wednesday.

Shoma Anand who shared screen space with Raj Kiran said, "It is a sad news. Life is full of ups and downs. Raj Kiran had his share of problems. Now I hope he gets well soon and comes back to India".

Ken Ghosh tweeted: "What happened to Raj Kiran reminds me that for every success story in the film industry, there are a million sad stories."

Deprived by family members, he went into depression. Raj Kiran has starred in about 100 films. Mostly he is seen in the role of a bad son who turns good in the end. His most memorable films are ‘Arth’, ‘Karz’.