Bollywood celebrated Ganpati in style!

Salman Khan celebrating Ganpati


This time too Salman and his family, the Khans celebrated the Hindu festival of Ganpati despite the fact that they are Muslims. Salman and his family claim to believe and respect all religions and hence celebrate various different festivals. And this time Sallu has decided to stay away from alcohol for an entire month due to Ganpati as well as Ramzan. And what about staying away from the pretty ladies Sallu?


Nana Patekar celebrates Ganpati in Mumbai


Nana Patekar observed the Ganpati festival too. The Marathi man was dressed in complete Indian attire for the Ganpati function, now that's what we call dedication and promotion of Indian culture. Also did Nana forgive Tanushree Dutta for recently accusing him of misbehaving with her while shooting or did he need to ask for forgiveness for that controversy?


Jeetendra Kapoor celebrating Ganpati


The Kapoors are extremely religious and observe many poojas, this time too they celebrated the Ganpati festival. So did veteran actor Jeetendra ask God to finally bless his son Tusshar with a hit film and his daughter Ekta to continue to dominate the television industry.


Jackie Shroff celebrating Ganpati


Jackie Shroff no doubt had a lot of wishes to ask from the Lord Ganesha, firstly to end his financial woes, secondly that he get a few decent films and finally that he get to make a spectacular comeback. Well if Amitabh and Anil are still going strong, why should Jackie be left behind. We'll leave the first two, to Lord Ganesh, but isn't the third asking for too much Jackie da?


Rakhi Sawant with boyfriend Abhishek Awasthi celebrating Ganpati


Item girl Rakhi Sawant too celebrated the Ganesh festival along with boyfreind Abhishek. So this time Rakhi got some media publicity, in the name of God. Thankfully Rakhi decided to cover up before God this time.

Checkout Salman Khan's Ganpati celebration video