Bollywood buzzing with the Bipasha-John split

Bipasha Basu and John Abraham have always been very open about their relationship; they have never denied that they are seeing each other. They are one of the most popular and happening couples in bollywood as both are smart, sexy and successful. There have been many rumours about them splitting before, however this time things seem to be pretty serious. Rumors are rife that the couple is seriously heading for splitsville.
While John and Bipasha continue to deny rumours of their split, according to a source the couple seems to be having some serious problems. According to the source cracks began appearing in their relationship since April when John was shooting in Afghanistan for his film Kabul Express. At the time Bipasha was shooting in Rio for Dhoom 2 and she was worried about both John shooting in Kabul and also her weakening relationship with him. The source says “One day after having a conversation with John over the phone, the bong actress simply broke down and began weeping profusely. She confided in Abhishek Bachchan with whom she shares a close friendship.”

The source further went on to add that Abhishek and Ash were extremely sympathetic to Bipasha and Abhi was very supportive during her time of need. Abhishek also shares a good rapport with John as they have worked together in Dhoom previously and hence he promised Bips that he would try and talk to John. Abhishek did have a word with John and things had started to improve in Bipasha and John’s relationship. However recently when the actor took off for a month long tour on a worldwide concert, he barely called Bipasha. Rumours have also been circulating that John was seen with a pretty lass quite often while on the tour.

Recently too it was claimed that John and Bips had a huge public argument after which both of them have not spoken to the other. But John has denied the rumours of their break up and Bipasha too refuses to comment on such rumours.