Bollywood Bereft Of Iconic Bad Man

Ever since the film industry was born, most of the stories circled around the classic theme of good winning over evil.  A set of good characters struggling against all odds against a series of miseries often plotted by the wicked team and finally good wins over evil.  In almost every story in the 60s and 70s decade, the good and bad dominated the screen.  These villains were equally good performers and often recognised and praised for their alternative roles. The characters demanded such respect that a category was incorporated in the Film Fare Awards as “Best actor in the negative role”.  Actors like Prem Chopra, Pran, Amrish Puri, Amjad Khan, Ajit and Gulshan Kumar were highly praised for their performance in the negative role.

Prem Chopra-
Prem Chopra











In 60s, no one can forget the iconic line, “Prem naam hai mera, Prem Chopra”, the stunning, shrewd yet harmful Prem Chopra never failed to grab all eye balls. He was hated the most, but no one could deny his  acting qualities in films after films in that age.

Amjad Khan-
Amjad Khan













His iconic dialogue from Sholey “ Kitney aadmi the….” made him the character of the life time. The ruthless villain “ Gabbar Singh”  created by Ramesh Sippy was the  biggest villain bollywood ever had. If Jai and Veeru dominated the screen, Gabbar never lagged behind. In fact, his depiction of this character Gabbar Singh is considered to be the first representation of pure evil in Hindi Cinema and his gesture and dialogues are still an essential part of Bollywood.

Amrish Puri-
Amrish Puri







His classic  performance as “Mogambo” in Mr India has a everlasting effect on the minds of his audience. His famous dialogue “ Mogambo Khus hua” is still haunting.

Ajit Khan-
Ajith Khan













Very popular villain of the 70s era. His famous quotes like “ Mona yeh lo sona” or “ Lilly don’t be silly” delivered in special style worth mentioning.

Gulshan Grover-
Gulshan Grover













“Bad Man” the name was imposed on him. And he was the last of the iconic bad man’s of Bollywood. The (0’s era was dominated by Gulshan’s performance. 

Post 90s the iconic villains began slowly disappearing from the Hindi Film screens. Now we have the same fight between the good and evil, but we do not have strong faces of negative characters, who can be remembered even after the film ends. Now we have actors like, John Abraham, Hritik Roshan in Dhoom 1 and 2, Aamir Khan in Gajini or Arjun Rampal in Om Shanti Om playing negative roles. Now we do not have strong iconic faces of the villains but we have strong roles that cannot be forgotten. This particular trait began a decade ago, when the then dominating romantic hero Shahrukh Khan suddenly surprised everyone by his powerful performance in negative role in films like “Darr” and “ Anjam.

Yes but amidst all these best performing actors, we have some how lost the charm of watching those unpleasant characters who terrified us and evoked hardcore hatred in our heart.