Bollywood beauties with younger partners

Irrespective of whether people like them as couple or not; some of the B Town beauties don’t mind/didn’t mind hanging around with younger guys. Convention and tradition may dictate differently, but when it comes to the matters of heart, things needn’t follow them. Here is a look at some of the cougars who stand cool with their younger partners.

1. Aishwarya- Abhishek
Aishwarya and Abhishek





The much in news couple happens to be one of the leading participants of the so called unconventional category. Leaving aside the other categories which can give rise to endless debate, Aishwarya is the senior partner, at least in terms of age. Though, there is got to be differences as to their matching or mismatching. Apparently, as of now, things are going fine with this couple.

2. Saif & Amrita
Saif and Amrita

Saif’s marriage to Amrita was proverbial enough to grab headlines. Way back in 1991, Saif sought to settle down with Amrita who was senior to him by a whooping gulf of twelve years. The couple’s age equation in 1991 was something like this- Saif- 21 years, Amrita- 33 years.

3. Sushmita & Imtiyaz
Sushmita & Imtiyaz

According to the latest piece of news, Sushmita has been going fine with a younger beau who is hardly twenty-two years of age. Besides being an entrepreneur, the guy happens to be a top notch socialite of the glamour and glitter circle.

4. Shahid & Kareena
Shahid and Kareena

It may be a past tense, but it wasn’t too long ago, when Sahid and Kareena went along like a house on fire. Sahid was younger to the glitzy Kareena by one year. Compared to the current scheme of things where Kareena is dating a man senior to him by ten years, things may look ironical. But that’s a way of life.

5. Farah & Sirish

While Farah is on the later side of forties, her man is on the later side of thirties. But despite there being a mammoth difference of eight years, with the man being in the younger bracket, Sirish thinks that his wife is ‘a kid’. Though it is difficult to gauge who pulls the string in real life, the couple along with their brood of babies seems to be getting along fine with life.

6. Shilpa & Raj

The duo represents the least difference with Shilpa exceeding Raj’s age by a gap of about three months. Leaving aside the age tag which can be easily bypassed, the couple looks cool and comfortable in each other’s company.