Bollywood Bad Boys: Sanjay Dutt, Salman Khan and Fardeen Khan

There are many, within the film industry as well as outside, who believe that Sanjay Dutt, Salman Khan and Fardeen Khan have a heart of gold in spite of their constant, notorious clashes with the law. These stars are the kids of famous bollywood stars. Sanjay, Salman and Fardeen are also quiet well known for their flamboyant, glamorous and reckless lifestyles.
After Salman Khan was recently sentenced to one year imprisonment and Rs. 5,000 fine for the hunting of a wild life species in Jodhpur, it’s now once more the turn of Sanjay Dutt to gear up to face the law. Sanjay has a long history with the law; he was first arrested after the Mumbai blasts of 1992-93. He was said to have links with underworld don Dawood Ibrahim and his associate Abu Salem. He was charged with being an accomplice in the blasts. He spent quiet a while in jail.

Sanjay Dutt is the son of star parents Sunil Dutt and Nargis. Sanjay’s mother died of cancer before the release of his first film, Rocky. After this Sanjay got addicted to drugs. When he was arrested after the Mumbai blasts, under TADA (Terrorist and Disruptive activities prevention), Sanjay was at the peak of his career. Sanjay is known to have a terrible temper. His case has been going on, but due to lack of proof nothing could really come of it.

However, recently with the deportation and arrest of Abu Salem, the case has once again gained momentum. In a recent confession to the TADA court, Abu Salem has admitted that he delivered arms and ammunition to Sanjay Dutt, prior to the 1993 blasts in Mumbai. Abu Salem confessed to the CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) which was later made public in court, that he delivered three AK-47 rifles and some cartridges to Sanjay. This is a major blow to Sanjay Dutt as he has always vehemently denied his involvement with the blasts. Sanjay’s constant pillar of strength and support, his father Sunil Dutt passed away in May last year. Sanjay will again have to go through the rigmarole with the law enforcement.

Another star kid who is on the wrong side of the law is Fardeen Khan, son of Feroze Khan. On May 5, 2001 Fardeen Khan was caught buying cocaine, he was charged under Section 28 of the Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act. The case is still going on and it is said that the quantity seized from Fardeen is not mentioned by the Narcotics Control Bureau in the complaint filed in the court. However, if the court concludes that the quantity was 1 gm, Fardeen can avail the option of undergoing detoxification instead of standing trial in court.

If he does not avail of this option of detox, he will have to face prosecution and if found guilty will have to face a maximum of 6 months in jail. The option of detox though is given only to first time offenders and if Fardeen were to be arrested on similar charges again, he would face dire consequences.

Drugs, alcohol, and constant trysts with the law is the flip side that these bollywood stars often have to face along with glamour, fame and money.