Bollywood Actors with the Best Hair

When you think of male Bollywood celebrities, you think good looks. However, there are limited celebrities in Bollywood who have not become victims to the disease of male pattern baldness. However, there are actors who go out of their way to take care of their hair. Of course, their genes are also to be congratulated. Whatever the reason, these celebrities have ended up with the best hair in the industry. Here’s our list of Bollywood males with the best hair-

1.Vivek Oberoi: When Vivek Oberoi starred in the romantic flick, Saathiya, thousands of girls swooned over his chocolate boy looks, his coy smile and his silky smooth hair. He has faded from the cinematic limelight now, but he still retains his good hair when he makes any public appearances. It’s a pity we don’t see him making too many movies- his hair is definitely missed in the industry!

2.Shahid Kapoor: Another chocolate boy on the list! He has been compared to Shah Rukh Khan ever since he debuted in the industry. Shahid certainly had hair that was similar to King Khan’s. Since he also played the love- struck Romeo in a lot of his movies, the hair suited him perfectly well. After all- what woman can resist running her hair through that silky mane? While Shahid’s hair is the hair of most people’s dreams, we do wish he would do more with it. He would certainly look better with some experimental and different hairstyles.

3.Farhan Akhtar: Farhan might not have the silky smooth hair that everybody loves, but boy does he know how to carry his mane around! Farhan made a huge impact on people with his movie, Rock On, where he spots a giant, curly mane of hair- which went with his personality in the movie. His hair in Kartik Calling Kartik was also accolade because of its relevance to his character in the movie. This is a man who loves experimenting with his hair and definitely pulls it off wonderfully. However, we are still not sure how much of his mane success we have to credit to his wife, who is a hair stylist herself!

4.Shah Rukh Khan: The King Khan certainly did not get that name for no reason. He has been Bollywood’s favourite for years now and we’re sure his hair also adds to the charisma. Shah Rukh’s hair goes with his personality both off screen and on screen. His wavy and thick hair suits all his romantic and sensual characters- especially in movies like DDLJ and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. The King Khan is reportedly obsessed with his hair and has maintained the same hairstylist for a lot of years now, so that he gets exactly what he wants, without any mess ups. We would, however, like some variation in his hair style. The length of his hair does change, but the style itself never does. Some experimentation here and there would definitely work to his benefit.

Hrithik Roshan: He is the Greek God of Bollywood- it is no surprise that he is on the list. It is quite obvious that this actor pays a lot of attention to his chiselled body, but he does not ignore the rest either. He has paid meticulous attention to his hair from the first movie. He sported short, well cut hair in Kaho Na Pyar Hai, which drew the attention of millions of women towards him. His transformation and change from short hair to long hair from Dhoom 2 is also well appreciated by all people. He is a star who knows his hair and knows what looks good on him. With hair like his, there is no way he could go wrong!
Vivek Oberoi
Vivek Oberoi
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Shahid Kapoor
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