Bollywood actor Dalip Tahil arrested for drunk driving, later granted bail

Veteran actor Dalip Tahil was arrested by Khar police for reportedly driving his car under the influence of alcohol and ramming an auto-rickshaw.After hitting the auto rickshaw with his car, Dalip tried to flee away but due to jam packed road, he could not do so and was grabbed.

According to a report in The Hindu, “The incident occurred around 9 pm, when Khar resident Jenita Gandhi (21) was on her way home accompanied by her friend Gaurav Chugh (22). The police said their auto rickshaw was passing by China Garden restaurant on CD Road in Khar when it was hit by a car from behind”.

A Khar police officer told the leading daily, “The impact of the collision caused Ms. Gandhi sustain a severe jolt to her back and neck. Ms. Gandhi and Mr. Chugh got off the auto rickshaw and saw the car trying to flee towards Santacruz.

The car could not get far as the street was crowded due to Ganeshotsav immersion processions.”

Ms. Gandhi told The Hindu, “We noted down the number of the car. Meanwhile, Mr. Tahil started arguing and pushed us. Mr. Chugh called the police and a team from Khar police station reached the spot, and took all of us to the station.”

A case has been filed against the Dalip Tahil for rash and negligent driving and causing damage in inebriated condition under the Indian Penal Code.

Senior police inspector, Khar police station, Sanjay More confirmed that the actor had been arrested but later he was granted bail. He said, “Mr. Tahil refused to let us take a blood sample so that it could be tested for alcohol traces. However, he was visibly inebriated.”