Bollywood's Ink Brigade

A tattoo symbolizes stability, often it has been said that the word permanence is not fit to be connected with the B-Town stars. But, now a day’s tattoo has become the voice of expression. Stars often decide to get inked in order to display their love, life or passion on their skin and obviously get some more publicity. And thus, the latest “D” tattoo on SRK’s arm for his film Don 2, has become the talk of the town.

Apart from Shah Rukh Khan, there are other stars who all have a fetish for tattooing on their body, namely

Saif Ali Khan:
Saif Ali Khan










He is probably the first one to display the name of his lady love by crafting a permanent tattoo on his left arm. His “Kareena” tattoo is stylishly scripted in hindi.

Arjun Rampal:
Arjun Rampal











Model turned actor Arjun Rampal, played safe. He likes inking his body parts and enjoys bold display of his muscles. But instead of being romantic at ink display, he chose to scribble the names of his two daughters on his arm.

Deepika Padukone:
Deepika Padukone

Deepika tried being the bold- romantic queen of Bollywood industry by tattooing her then boyfriends’ name “RK”, for Ranbir Kapoor, only to experience a tragic end to all her romantic expectations post Bachna Ae Haseeno. Even after the break- up, the lady has gracefully accepted the inked area as a part of her life.

Akshay Kumar :
Akshay Kumar













Its time for Bollywood’s Khiladi to display some tattoo on his skin. After quiet a number of relationships and tie ups, not so sure whom to name on his skin, he comfortably decided to craft his son’s name “Aarav” in blue ink and put an end to all romantic confusions in his life. We are not sure of his decision though, yet we liked his tattoo.

Hritik Roshan :
Hrithik Roshan








Bollywood’s Greek God, Hritik Roshan, is not lagging behind. Romantic at heart, thought to be one woman man, a successful 10 years of marriage life now having wife Susanne’s name boldly scripted on his arm. This shows Hritik as perfect husband and a great lover any girl would pine for.

Other famous stars like Sanjay Dutt, Esha Deol, Sushmita Sen, Ajay Devgan and many more, has time and again made bold display of their tattoos. Sometimes for the sake of a scene in the film or may be due to passion, stars never stop from taking any strange step in order to grab media attention.