Bobby Darling files for divorce from husband Ramneek Sharma

Former ‘Bigg Boss’ contestant Bobby Darling, who has filed domestic violence case against husband Ramneek Sharma in 2017 have reportedly filed for divorce in Mumbai. But Ramneek has questioned the validity of their marriage under the Hindu Marriage Act.

In 2015, Bobby Darling has undergone sex change and she became Bobby Darling from Pankaj Sharma.

During a recent hearing on their divorce case, the validity of their marriage was questioned as Ramneek married to a transgender.

Bobby Darling moved a family court in Bandra seeking divorce with her husband on the grounds of domestic violence. Apart from the dissolution of her marriage, she also sought cancellation of a gift deed of a flat in Oshiwara and Rs 2 crore alimony.

However, Ramneek’s advocate G J Ramchandani questioned the validity of the marriage under the Hindu Marriage Act. 

“According to the Hindu Marriage Act 1955, the marriage takes place between the groom and the bride. Marriage takes place between a male and a female and not between a transgender, who converts into a woman, and a man. She did not disclose about her sex reassignment surgery to the marriage registrar. The marriage is null and void under the provisions of the Hindu Marriage Act. These are the points we have raised,” Ramchandani told News18.

Objecting to Ramchandani’s claims, Advocate Jadhav said, “When he got married and at the time of its registration, all her identity cards showed her as a woman. In the gift deed, he admitted her as his wife. The gift deed was executed in the name of Pakhi Sharma and not Pankaj Sharma. It is clearly a double standard, which should be objected to. If you say she is not your wife, she is not a woman then return her property. But he doesn’t want to do that.”

The next date of hearing is March 5th.