BMC slaps Rs 2 lakh demolition charges on Shahrukh Khan

Superstar Shahrukh Khan was asked to pay the bill of ramp demolition charges of Rs 2 lakh approximately. Last month, the BMC had demolished the ramp outside his residence Mannat as it was illegally build and created major problem for the locals of the area. BMC before demolishing the ramp issued a notice to King Khan asking him to demolish the illegal ramp outside his residence but when there was no response from his side, they took the work on their own hand and demolished it.

Now the BMC has sent a notice to the actor asking him to pay the demolition amount amounting to Rs 2 lakh. A close source to the actor informed that the superstar is ready to issue a cheque of the said amount as soon as the notice reaches him.

“The notice was served to Khan three days ago, wherein the ward office slapped on him charges they wish to recover over demolition of the ramp,” said Miranda, who also raised the issue in the local Prahag Samiti meeting quotes The Times of India.

The BMC sent the notice on March 5, asking Shahrukh to pay approximately Rs 2 lakh as the demolition charges within seven days under Section 489(1) of the Mumbai Municipal Corporation (MMC) Act.

A senior officer from H-West (Bandra, Khar) ward told mid-day, “We have sent a notice to pay for the demolition of the ramp since it was illegal.

In case, Shahrukh Khan fails to pay the amount within seven days, it will be added to his property tax. The notice has been issued Under Section 489(1) of the MMC Act, which states that if an illegal structure is demolished, the concerned person should pay for it.”

The source added: “The BMC notice is expected to reach Shah Rukh’s office on Tuesday. We will immediately issue a cheque of the mentioned amount to the BMC.”