Blast from the past: Hrithik gets cozy with Kangana at a party

This leaked photo from a party held six years back can give a new turn to the case. The throwback picture of Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut speaks 1000 words about their intimacy. The photo taken years back shows the couple got intimate at a party. The hazy picture shows Hrithik holding Kangana passionately.

Hrithik and Kangana shared some really intimate relationship in the past and the picture is a proof of it. The picture was shared by a mutual friend of the couple on the condition of anonymity. The party was held at Hrithik and Kanagna’s common friend’s residence.

Hrithik and Kangana’s fight all started when the latter referred the superhero as ‘silly ex’. Thing went worse when Kangana’s emails directed to Hrithik was leaked online.

Here’s what Kangana’s lawyer Rizwaan Siddiquee has to say about the photo,

 “You are talking about the picture in the party where he is holding her. I am surprised  at how he is holding her, when he doesn’t even know her socially, as that’s what he mentioned in the notice. Let Hrithik answer that. Toh yeh photo kaha se aaya, raksha bandhan ke din ka lagta hai yeh, rakhi bandhwaane aaya tha lagta hai” (Where is this picture come from, might be of RAKSHABANDHAN), concluded the lawyer.

However, Hrithik’s lawyer, Dipesh Mehta, has claimed in his notice that his client only shared a professional relationship with the actress,“Our client states that he and you have acted in two films together, and besides a strictly professional relationship, there has not been any social, personal, platonic and/or intimate relationship between our client and yourself.” – As per the sources. However the response that came into picture in between the two couple was like this “A lot can be understood and can be well established from the three emails exchanged between my client Kangana Ranaut’s sister Rangoli and Hrithik Roshan on the 25th of May 2014. These emails were sent by my client’s sister to Mr. Hrithik Roshan on his correct email id and which have now been brought on record by Hrithik Roshan himself, before the media.”