Bipasha very much in love with Josh Hartnett

The shooting of Bipasha Basu’s first Hollywood movie ‘Singularity’ has ended in London last week and the actress has fond memories of the shooting not only because of the film but for her equation with her Hollywood co-star Josh Hartnett. Bipasha developed a special relationship with Josh during the shooting of ‘Singularity’.

A source tells us, "Bipasha and Josh found that their chemistry — both on and off the screen — had remained the same. Meeting again after a year (the film began shooting in late 2010) hadn't dulled it. So when they met again in London, they spent a lot of time going out for dinner and coffee at their favourite haunts, once shooting would be over. It was as if they were catching up on lost time. But Bipasha knows that long distance relationships rarely work out, and she's not prepared to go to the States to be with Josh and give this romance a shot; it's a no-win situation."

Says the source, “So this time around, there were no intense conversations about the practicality of a relationship. Instead, it was all about two friends rediscovering each other again."

Last year, the news of Bipasha Basu and Josh’s closeness news sparked when the duo was shooting in India. She says, "We started out as accommodating co-stars, but with time Josh and I have become close. We discovered a strong connection the first time around and would hang out often. I had just come out of a long-term relationship, so it was too soon for me to think about dating again. So Josh was a wonderful friend. We have great chemistry in the film. In fact, we sizzle on-screen!"

Reflecting light on the alleged affair, Bips said, "We live in different continents, and that's a big hurdle when it comes to maintaining friendships. We are extremely fond of each other though, so we instantly reconnected when we met again in London. Very rarely do you meet people who you can trust instantly. Josh is that person to me. It's a rare friendship and I know it's forever. We hung out as much as we could in London, and it was fun. Both of us love to eat, so we'd go out often and party hard!" she laughs.

Bipasha is happy that Singularity has finally completed shooting. "Working with Josh was memorable not only because is he a fine actor but now also a dear friend. The film is looking good and I'm happy that my first English film is with a talented director like Roland Joffe. I play an extremely strong role of a warrior called Tulaja Naik, who is a bodyguard for the Maratha queen. The only time Tulaja falters is when she falls in love with Josh's character, a British army officer. I've never done a period film before, so it was very challenging for me, but both Rolan and Josh really helped me perfect my character and I will never forget that."