Bipasha to shake her belly

Sultry beauty Bipasha Basu loves almost all dance forms and it is quite visible in films. Over the years, she has mastered over various kinds of dance style and now she is devoting her free time to learn belly dancing, not for any movies but for hobby.

Says the spunky actress, "A month-long holiday fell into my lap when the Lamhaa schedule got postponed by a month to April 20. I'm now using this time to do what I always wanted to. I'm learning belly dancing! I've wanted to do this for a long time. I love dancing. I wanted to learn a kind of dance that didn't require too much pressure on my knees, which aren't in the best condition. So salsa and other dance forms were out."

Belly dancing is not the end. Bips will also learn swimming and driving. “I'm also learning swimming and driving. Swimming is something I learnt a bit for Dhoom 2. For Dhoom, no swimming skills, only the body was required. So I pulled it off.  But I really don't know swimming and I'm finally learning it. For Goa's sake."

She explains, "Goa is my favorite holiday spot. When I get into the water in Goa, I just float. Now I want to swim in the Goan waters. Also swimming is a very good exercise and it brings so much grace to your body language."

Bips took up driving as a challenge to John who always feels women are naïve drivers.