Bipasha shocked to hear John’s jail sentence

John Abraham’s 15 days jail sentence came as a big shock for his girlfriend Bipasha Basu and she reacted strongly to the verdict of the court. She quips, "We'll go to a higher court to fight the verdict. We can't just accept it quietly. John has been treated unfairly".

Bips was shooting and she heard about the verdict only at late night. She was shocked with the judgment. "Can you believe it? My phone had stopped working on Thursday. We knew John was going into court, but thought the matter would be closed this time."

While John Abraham was tight lipped about the entire thing. "More than himself, John's concern was for his family and for  youngsters who look up to him as a role model. He is not an irresponsible person. In fact, he's very conscious of his social responsibilities. It's unfair to
punish him for an incident in which he was hurt the most," Basu said.

"We'll fight this together. John is a good human being. I'm not saying this because I am his girlfriend. To his credit, he continued the promotional work for Jhootha Hi Sahi despite the shock," the actress said.