Bipasha's birthday gift to herself!

Bipasha BasuThough Bipasha is neck deep with work, she is taking out time to reconstruct her house on Sarojini Road in Khar. She loves the location as well as her old house and therefore not interested to purchase a new one in a new location. She just wanted to give a personal touch to her old abode. She has started the construction during monsoon as Bipasha wanted to get it completed by January as 7 Jan is her birthday and her new house would be her birthday gift for herself.

She is purchasing all the designing accessories including wood, tiles, furnishing and upholstery by herself. An excited Bipasha added, "When I travel to shop for things for my new house, my parents who live close by, will look after the construction."
Now, Bipasha has moved into her parents house who stay nearby and would shift to her own house when the construction will be completed. Interestingly, her house is nearby Rakhee Gulzar’s original bungalow.