Bipasha pushes Neil from a high building

Bipasha BasuBipasha Basu is a versatile actress. Her khalnayeeka image is liked and appreciated by all. Sometimes, she was shown seducing another man with her beauty and sometimes she portrays the role of a villian. People accepted her as an actress as well as a villian. After pushing Saif Ali Khan from a tall building in Race, Bips is all set to push Neil Nitin Mukesh from a high-rise building.

This particular thrilling scene has been shoot for flick Freeze starring Bipasha Basu Neil Nitin Mukesh and Ranbir Kapoor in the lead role. Bipasha who has an experience of pushing her heroes from high building remarks, “Race was a hit. And if Freeze becomes a success they’ll think my pushing heroes off buildings are lucky for a film. Everyone will start writing in heroine-pushes-hero scene into all my scripts. I’m becoming a hero-pusher”.

Freeze is a science fiction about a guy with a camera that has supernatural powers. And apart from taking photographs, the actor performed some breathtaking stunts too.