Bipasha: I can play 80-year-old woman

<a href='//' title='Bipasha Basu' class='article_display_tag' data-id='bipasha-basu' id='article_tag_data_bipasha-basu' style='display: inline-block;'><strong>Bipasha Basu</strong></a>Dusky heroine Bipasha Basu is an actress who is bold enough to play an eighty-year-old woman's character. After her roaring success in ' Raaj' and 'Jism', she has had a number of flops, but it hasn't disheartened her. She claims that the audiences have appreciated her performance in her flops too. Nowadays, she is mainly busy in Feroze Nadiadwala's 'Phir Herapheri'. Besides, Bips is also doing other flicks like Yash Chopra's 'Dhoom -Part 2', Boney Kapoor's 'No Entry', Suneel Darshan's 'Barsaat' and Praksh Jha's 'Apaharan'. We sought an interview with the actress at the sets of 'Apaharan".
Excerpts of her interview:

What's 'Apaharan' all about?
This is the story of the present day's evil of forcibly taking away someone. This is mostly prevalent in North India because of the growing unemployment in the region. This has become their means of livelihood.

What's your role in it?
I am playing the role of Megha, who is in love with Ajay Shastri played by Ajay Devgan. Megha believes that she knows Ajay too well though both of them lead lives poles apart.

Why did you take on this role?
I like this character. Moreover, I am playing this role for the first time. I liked Prakash Jha's 'Gagngajal' and thought of doing another movie with him. When I listened to the script of 'Apaharan', I liked it too, and readily signed it.

Why did you decline Kamal Hassan's 'Mumbai Express' even though you had liked its script?
I didn't decline the offer. I quit it because of the date's problem.

Is your role in Boney's 'No Entry' too sexy?
It's not as sexy as is the present trend in films. In fact, the people consider me sexy though I don't consider myself sexy.

How do you find your role in 'Barsaat' that was first assigned to Aishwarya Rai?
There is nothing new in Bollywood. When one quits a role the other person does it. Other heroines have done roles left out by me.

What's your character in 'Barsaat'?
I play the character of Anna who loves Bobby Deol. Then enters another girl in Bobby's life. This girl is Priyanka Chopra. It may be described as a triangle love story. However, the viewers will find a new type of love story in this movie.

How do you find your role in 'Herapheri', a comedy?
I am enjoying doing a comedy. As soon as I reach the set, I find a lot of humor all around me. The viewers enjoy a comedy after buying a ticket, but I enjoy it during the shoot. It's wonderful indeed!

Do you miss John Abraham in 'Dhoom -Part 2'?
Why should I feel sorry for it? In 'Dhoom-Part 1' John was there but I wasn't there. In fact, John told me that my role in 'Dhoom' is very important. He called it a youthful film.

How do you feel when people call you sexy?
To be called a sex symbol or sexy is an achievement in itself. One doesn't get it easily. However, I want to shed this image now. Hence I am playing different roles. I am not allergic to play the character of an 80-year-old woman even.

Courtesy: Smashits