Bipasha finds Big B extremely hot and sexy even at 72

Bipasha Basu is one of the hottest contemporary actresses. The stunning Bong bombshell who is famous for being sizzling hot has recently stated that Amitabh Bachchan is as hot as ever even at the age of 72. The actress, who was touring Indore on Thursday the 8th of January, for the promotion of her upcoming movie ‘Alone’, admitted at a promotional event that the veteran actor “is far too sexy.” She went on to say “He is an amazing person and I wish that young actors could have at least 10% personality traits similar to that of Bollywood’s Shehensha.”

She praised the actor and made her respect and admiration for him crystal clear. There is evidently no dearth of actors and actresses who adore Amitabh just as much as his diehard fans and it looks like the veteran star gains more and more popularity as he ages. Almost all stars of Bollywood look up to the superstar and praise not just his performance, but also his hard work and integrity. The fact that Amitabh has always been the perfect family man also increases the sense of respect his female fans feel towards him.  

Bipasha has previously worked with Amitabh Bachchan in the year 2004, during her initial years in the Indian film industry. Vikram Bhatt’s movie ‘Aetbaar’ is where the two were costars. While Bips played the lead role of Ria Malhotra, Amitabh Bachchan was cast as Ranveer Malhotra. He played the role of Bipasha’s father in the movie. Her admiration for the superstar is likely to have increased during the shooting of this movie. Even though the movie performed averagely at the box office, the bond between onscreen father and daughter seems to have formed quite well.    

Her forthcoming release ‘Alone’ is a horror flick costarring Bollywood debutante Karan Singh Grover, the hottest actor on television. Karan admitted to being quite nervous initially about shooting intimate sequences with his costar, however, in the interest of saving time he promptly completed the scenes.

Bips expressed her desire to play the lead in an action movie at this promotional event held in Indore. According to Bips “actresses star in action flicks but don’t get enough action sequences”. The starlet seems keen on wanting to act as the leading lady in an action film. It would be an absolute treat for all Bipasha fans to see her portray strong characters in such movies, as she does horror and thriller movies quite frequently.