Bipasha denies kissing soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo

Bipasha Basu and her private life have been getting a huge amount of media publicity lately. It all started with rumours of her break up with John , then it was her link-ups with Dino and Saif and after that rumours of her breast enhancement surgery . Recently though Bips felt that she could leave it all behind when was invited to co-host the Seven Wonders of the World event in Lisbon. However it seems there too Bipasha couldn’t stay away from controversy when the media splashed pictures of her kissing soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo . Bips denies the event and says “This is not a kiss. Is that how newspapers define a lip-lock.” Although Bips does admit that she was partying with the soccer star, it seems she also did not forewarn boyfriend John Abraham that she was partying with Cristiano.
Poor Jhonny boy is working hard shooting for a film in Pondicherry while Bips it seems is living it up. Since Bips did not mention anything about partying with Ronaldo, John was shocked to find pictures of his girl almost kissing the soccer star splashed on the net. John it seems was utterly embarrassed that he was the last to know about this issue and hence even avoided talking to any of the crew members of his film on that day. A source from John’s films sets claims “John seemed very upset and what added to his misery was that everyone already new about the episode before him.” Well no doubt that John was shocked and upset, he did not even mingle with anyone and after giving his shots simply went directly to his room to be alone.

Meanwhile while sources claim that John still wants to try and work things out with Bipasha, but the sultry actress is not interested. In fact she supposedly is already celebrating her newfound single status and has reportedly told friends “I am single for the first time in ten years.” John meanwhile is trying his level best to patch things up with Bips, he even asked Bips to come down to Pondicherry to work things out. Bips was recently also offered a cameo in Kumar Mangat’s film which is also being shot in Pondicherry, but the actress is avoiding John at all costs and hence turned down the role too. John too is disappointed as he hoped that they could work things out when she came to Pondicherry.

Bips though continues to deny any kiss happened with the soccer star and in her defense says “The photograph was not doctored but someone has obviously clicked us on a cell phone when we were just dancing in a crowded disco. Ronaldo had leaned over to say something in my ear and the camera caught him at that inopportune moment, that’s what this is.”