Bipasha Basu was nervous for item songs in Omkara

Vishal Bharadwaj’s Omkara.html> Omkara has been receiving rave reviews and everyone has appreciated the performances by all the actors. Bipasha Basu has a special appearance as Billo Chaman Bahar in the film. Bips looked sultry and sensuous as required in the film. Bips has two item numbers in the film, the mass appeal one ‘Beedi Jalai Le’ and the other ‘Namak Issak Ka’. However Bips claims that for the shooting of these two songs in particular she was extremely nervous and anxious too as for the ‘Beedi’ song she was shooting with a huge crowd of unkempt looking extras. Nonetheless the sultry actress overcame her nervousness and delivered a brilliant item number.
Bips says “On the first day when I went on the set to perform the ‘Beedi Jalai Le’ song in Omkara, I saw the crowd and had a panic attack and ran away. I had never seen so many unshaven, unkempt, unbathed and lecherous men in a crowded sweaty place.” Seeing all this, the sultry actress got really scared and to make matters worse, co-star Saif Ali Khan reiterated her fears. However later on Saif tried to calm down the extremely nervous Bipasha by telling her not to worry and that they were there to take care of her. Finally Bips did manage to calm down and gave a really good performance.

Bips was also a tad anxious for her other song in the film ‘Namak’ as instead of a regular choreographer doing the number Vishal decided to get a dance guruji to choreograph the song. Bips says “I was taken aback as I thought the dance guruji Bhushan Lakhandri would expect me to be classically trained. But in spite of my reservations Bhushanji and Vishal had faith in me and I pulled it off.” Bips also claims that to lip-sync Rekha Bharadwaj’s rendition of the ‘Namak’ song was no easy feat. Bipasha is extremely happy with her role in Omkara even though it is an extremely small role and says “Space wise I have a small role in Omakra, but the projection of the character is amazing. And people have appreciated my small role.”

Recently Bips and John were seen together at the launching party of Madhur Bhandarkar and Percept Picture Company production house. Bips and John looked comfortable and content together squashing all rumours of their recent split .