Bipasha Basu unperturbed by racist behaviour in London

Director Vivek Agnihotri has been shooting with his cast and crew in London for the film Goal. The film stars Bipasha Basu, John Abraham and Arshad Warsi amongst other as well as several international football players. The film deals with soccer and has been shot in some real life soccer grounds all over the UK. Unfortunately what has marred the shooting in London is the racism that the cast and crew faced at the hands of the British. Director Vivek too confirmed that they all faced racism in some form or the other. Even actress Bipasha Basu was racially attacked, but the strong Bong actress seems to have taken even this in her stride and she is unfazed by it.
Director Vivek was aware about such rampant racist behaviour in some parts of London and even amongst his cast and crew from out there. However he requested most of his Indian cast and crew to carry on doing their work and not indulge in such low behaviour. Bips faced a similar racism problem; the actress was shooting with co-star Arshad Warsi near a traffic signal in London, when two white men began passing racist remarks about Indians. Bips says “it was nothing major, but while Arshad and I were shooting, two white guys started rapping some song which poked fun at Indians. Initially I was a bit shocked; I have never heard such things in my life. But then I thought forget it, time to move on. No point stressing over it.” Bips took the entire incident with a pinch of salt and decided that such things happened and there was no point getting all worked up about it.

Bipasha completely agrees that racism exists and she says “Racism does exist and we can’t deny it. Indians who have settled in London talk about it and share their experiences. I have heard a lot about racism there.” However Bips claims that prior to this incident she has never faced any kind of racism, she says “I have traveled across the world but never experienced racism in my entire life.” On the contrary Bips claims that she has always been treated with respect and given special treatment wherever she has gone. Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty too faced a similar racial attack by some of her colleagues while on a UK reality based show; well it seems the Queens people need a lesson or two on equality.

Nonetheless Bips did not let this incident tarnish her entire stay and no doubt shooting with beau John Abraham and spending time with him helped her erase any bad memories. Bips also made a few friends with some Bangladesh and Bengali boys working with them. Bips will soon be going to the Cannes Film Festival to promote her film Goal along with beau John and she is extremely excited as this is her first trip out there.