Bipasha Basu turns blind temporarily

Sultry actress Bipasha Basu turns temporarily blind. Her eyes swell up due to allergy and she was not able to open them. Apart from eye allergy, Bips is also suffering from food poisoning while shooting in Kadaikudi. Bipasha confirms, "I have a strong eye allergy (due to dust, flowers, make-up) for years; so before putting on any eye make-up I need to have medication for my eyes. Unfortunately, I had become so ill prior to that I forgot to take any eye medication. I already had a severe bout of food poisoning and was bedridden for a couple of days. I became so weak that they had to call a local doctor."

Bipasha Basu caught up with eye allergy as a result of some flowers which was gifted to her by her yoga teacher when she was not keeping well due to food poisoning. Bips narrated the incident, "I was so thrilled to receive the bouquet that I held them close to my face to smell them and then wham! My eyes swelled up and shut tight the next day. Obviously, I couldn't shoot like that so they had to cancel my shoot for two days. I was on antibiotics for 5 days. I became a bit better before I returned to Mumbai for the release of the music of All The Best in Siddhivinayak”.

Bips jokes, "Earlier too my eye has had problems because of the allergy; this became the baap of all allergies."