Bipasha Basu’s take on Love, Life and Films

Bipasha Basu, the sultry siren who made her presence felt in bollywood with her film 'Jism' opposite boyfriend John Abraham loves her profession of acting. She believes that most people in this industry are genuine, but there are always a few who give a bad name to this industry. However, good or bad she assures that after personally experiencing a bitter episode, she has decided to safeguard herself and her interests in this glam world.
Bipasha Basu was very upset, recently when her images and name were used to promote a film in which she was merely doing a guest appearance. Raj Kanwar used her to publicise his film Humko Deewana Kar Gaye, even though she has a very tiny role in the film. This lesson has taught Bips to be more cautious in the future and always to conduct her business through the means of the written word. Bipasha says, “From now on I want to have everything on contract, for ultimately you can’t believe people who give you a verbal commitment.”

About her role in Humko Deewana Kar Gaye, Basu claims, “I only have a walk on part and it was very unethical to use me in the publicity. There is also a male guest appearance in the film but he has not been used simply because he had a contract. Even the pictures used of me are from some other film, in fact if they had been more honest with me about the whole thing, I would have shot some fresh pictures.” Anyway once bitten, twice shy and the actor seems to have learned her lesson well.

Bipasha moves on to talking about John, her beau. She has complete confidence in his capabilities as an actor. She says, “I knew that John would succeed in whatever he does and I can say that he is only going to get more successful over the next two years.” Bips adds that she and John have discussed many ideas about working together in another film, but she is yet unsure when things will actually materialize. Bipasha refrains from giving her actor boyfriend any advice and states that John is old enough and knows how to look after himself. She states, “Everyone makes their own mistakes in life, they fall but they have to get up again.” She believes that John is a strong and mature person and that if he makes a mistake he will realize it soon enough.

On the professional front, Bipasha seems to have her kitty full, with some interesting films on hand. Her next release is ‘Corporate’. She says, “It tells an interesting story about the corporate world, it’s not only an emotional film but also a great looking one.” Then there’s Dhoom 2 of which she says, “I had a great time during the shooting in Brazil. Whenever actors come back from outdoor shoots, they become more disciplined as there are no interruptions there, like meetings, boyfriends and family.” And then there’s Vishal Bharadwaj’s next film where she is all set to play a village belle. Bipasha reveals, “In Vishal’s adaptation of the play it is a long and crucial role and quite a colourful character. I play a village dancer who is a loud fire-brand.” And finally, there’s Rituparno Ghosh’s film ‘Draupadi’ that will fulfill her long cherished dream of wanting to work with this extremely talented filmmaker. The sultry siren claims, “Mythology fascinates me and it will be interesting to see the epic from Draupadi’s point of view.”

Everything seems to be finally coming together for this beautiful Bengali actress, her life, love and films, Touchwood. May her luck continue to always shine even brighter.