Bipasha Basu puts marriage and kids on the backburner

Bipasha Basu is enjoying the praise and flattery that she has been receiving for her look and style in Dhoom 2 and she is very happy with the film’s success. Bipasha has already proved herself as a capable actress in Corporate and simultaneously she is also doing other roles which go with her sexy image. But now the actress will be seen in another diverse role, she will soon be seen playing Draupadi in Rituparno Ghosh’s film based on the Mahabharata epic. Bips is also unfazed by constant rumours of her break up with boyfriend John Abraham. Although Bipasha is happy in her relationship with John, she is currently concentrating on work and for this Bengali damsel marriage and kids will just have to wait.
Bipasha is looking forward to play the role of Draupadi and is not in the least bit anxious about doing a period film which will see her in a conventional role. Bipasha says “I think I can just about do any kind of role. I am an actor and I have no reservations about any role. I am ready to try different things. I think the role of Draupadi is a fantastic character to play as she is one of the strongest figures in Indian mythology.” As for her recent film Dhoom 2, Bips reveals that even though the film looks extremely fun and stylish, it was quite a task as singing and dancing is challenging for her and even though she has done so many films it still makes her nervous at times. Bips is also busy with her film career now and hence she is no hurry to get married and settle down. Bips says “I love kids, but right now I’m scared to even think of having my own kids. Right now, parenthood seems like the most difficult job in the world. I don’t think I can have a child of my own for a long time.”

Bipasha feels that she can never do a film like Jism again as she does not want to repeat herself and neither does she want to compete with herself by trying to recreate a film like that, which gave her immense success. Bips also feels that in bollywood it is difficult to make friends with other female actresses as there is always a sense of rivalry. Bipasha is also doing a multi starer titled ‘Race’ with Saif Ali Khan. Bips is not daunted about being part of a multi starer film and she says “I’ve made an impact in every film no matter how big the cast has been. I’ve always been noticed and talked about in all my films.” Bipasha also looks forward to doing a film with boyfriend John Abraham soon.