Bipasha Basu, Karan Singh Grover to adopt a child?

It has been four years since the Bong bombshell Bipasha Basu tied the knot with Karan Singh Grover but the couple is yet to embrace parenthood. During an interview, Bipasha revealed that they will be happy to adopt if natural process does not work out.

Bipasha once said about embracing parenthood, “Bhagwaan jo chaahega wo ho jayega.” Bipasha added, “And even if the child didn’t happen, it is okay. There are many children in our country, we can take care of them as well, we are fortunate. There are so many children in the country, who do not get facilities, it is also our responsibility to provide facilities to those children. Let’s see what happens in the future.”

Couple of times, pregnancy rumour about Bipasha surfaced on net. Later in an interview with Pinkvilla, Karan Singh Grover had reacted to the pregnancy speculations, Karan had said, “I don't react to it anymore because if she is pregnant, then I would be the first person to know. But I think, what is happening these days is that everyone is running on speculations ke ab kya hai they love each other then it's been so much time together. How much can you say about that?”

When Bipasha Basu Singh Grover was asked about when she wants to have a baby, she had shared with the Hindustan Times, “We love babies. But both of us need more alone time together because once the baby arrives, it’s always only baby time. That’s the way we both think.” She had further gone on to add, “My mom is very keen to have a granddaughter soon.”

In 2018, when she was captured by the paparazzi holding a bag in front of her. Reacting to it, Bipasha had tweeted, "Amused yet again. I kept a bag on my lap while getting into my car and certain media ppl started my pregnancy speculation again. Guys i am not pregnant. Kinda getting irritating. Stay calm... it will happen only when we w ant it."