Bipasha Basu irked with constant rumours of her split with John Abraham

Bipasha Basu is completely irritated with constant rumours of her split with boyfriend John Abraham . The rumours just refuse to die down in spite of the couple making several public appearances together. Recently Bips was spotted at good friend and designer Rocky S’s fashion show walking the ramp along with boyfriend John. The duo was also spotted at the launch of Rocky’s home line interiors. However what has really irritated Bips is the fact that people claim that John and she are only making public appearances together to keep up the charade that they are still together.
According to some media personnel Bips even looked bored and uninterested walking down the ramp with John for the fashion show. An irritated Bips claims “I think people should just stop speculating about my relationship with John as if I’m seen with John, it’s a problem and if I’m not seen with John even that’s a problem.” Bipasha claims that the rumours have not really affected them and they even recently flew down to Goa for a get away. Bips further says “I guess we being together just doesn’t make an exciting story. Now it’s more exciting news to say that we are splitting. But we didn’t walk the ramp to prove to people that we’re together. We’ve enough confidence in our relationship.” Bips claims that the only reason that both she and John walked the ramp was because they both cannot refuse Rocky as he is a dear friend.

Bipasha is equally irritated with remarks that she was seen clinging on to John at both the events. But Bips claims that she has every right to cling on to John and he to her as they are both in a relationship. Bips also claims that she is not the type to pretend to be in a relationship if it has ended. She says “Both John and I are too honest and too popular individually too use this relationship for more popularity. Neither of us needs to cling to each other.”

Recently John and Bips were also seen at a Durga Ma pooja with Rani Mukherjee, but in spite of their various appearances together John continues to be linked with actress and co-star Vidya Balan in his forthcoming film Salaam-E-Ishq.