Bipasha Basu in an art film titled Pankh

Bipasha Basu has done plenty of commercial films and will continue to do so, but now the actress is also interested in doing socially relevant films alongside commercial masala films. Bipasha will soon be seen in an art film which has a socially relevant message, the film is titled Pankh. Bips is slated to play a character akin to her real life character. In fact the director is also keen to name Bips’s character in the film Bipasha, however it seems Bips is not too comfortable with using her name for the character in the film.
The concept of the film is based on gender confusion in a child’s mind and how the film industry and the child’s mother are responsible for creating this confusion in the child’s mind. The film is even based on a true life story. In fact the child actor whom the film has been based on has been a part of several movies in bollywood. It is based on how a girl child actually starts believing she is a boy after she plays several roles on-screen as a boy. The film is based on child actor Ashish Channa who is a girl, but has played a little boy in films like Karan Johar’s ‘Kabhie Alvida Na Kehna’ and Ramgopal Varma’s ‘Vaastu Shastra’. The child’s mother had often made her play the role of a boy in order to get work in bollywood. However later on Ashish’s father filed a legal law suit against the mother for making her play a boy. Director Sudipto Chattopadhyay wanted Ashish to play the role but since there is a pending legal case going on he has cast another child actor in the film. Bipasha will play herself, a bollywood star whom the protagonist is enamored with. Bipasha says “The minute I heard the subject I was bowled over. The film deals with a serious problem within the industry.”

Since Bipasha will be playing a bollywood star in the film, the director is keen to use Bipasha’s name for her character. But Bips is not very comfortable with this as she claims that the role is very special and she further adds “Let’s not trivialize it by people speculating whether the character I play is based on me. That’s exactly what will happen if my name is Bipasha in Pankh.”