Bipasha Basu confirms break-off with boyfriend Harman

Bong bombshell Bipasha Basu is currently holidaying in Thailand and she has confirmed the report that she is taking time off boyfriend and actor Harman Baweja but at the same time refuted the rumor that she is breaking off with Harman.

She at the same time confirmed that her relationship is going through the rough patch but they would resolve the differences soon. Bipasha Basu issued a statement which reads:

“We have had our differences but this rumour is rubbish & has nothing to do with us taking our time off. In our relationship we have been dignified & respect each other. We do not like people having a field day at our expense. Whether we continue or not, we do & will always respect each other and would request media to respect our privacy too instead of printing all kind of rumours without even verifying it with us.”

Her statement indicates there is certain amount of uncertainty in their getting back together again.

Trouble in their paradise brewed when Harman got close to a foreign model Olega.  

Bipasha is extremely hurt with Harman’s dishonesty.  "The reason for trouble between the two actors is said to be infidelity. Those in the know say the Bongshell is extremely hurt by Harman's lack of devotion and honesty to her. There's even talk of Harman's discomforting closeness to a foreign model named Olega," stated a DNA report.