Bipasha Basu bonds with Salman Khan

Bipasha Basu and Salman Khan would never look eye to eye when John and Bipasha had been dating. John had had a disagreement with Salman Khan on a certain performance tour that the two had been on. Following which the two stars never even shared the same platform. John’s the-then girlfriend Bipasha Basu expectedly too shared cold vibes with Salman.

After John and Bipasha’s break-up, she seems to have been mending ties with all of whom she had not been on friendly terms with earlier. News is that Salman Khan has now made Bipasha the brand ambassador of his brother Sohail Khan’s team Mumbai, for the celebrity cricket contest.

This announcement did not go unnoticed because the two had never been cordial before. A source said, “It is a known fact that Salman and John Abraham were not exactly on the best of terms. No one knows what irked Salman but rumors suggest that they had issues during a world tour that they did many years back. Since Bipasha was dating John around that time, she was automatically blacklisted from the Salman Khan camp.”

Also last year after John and Bipasha’s break-up in February Bipasha was seen at an after-party of an award ceremony, partying with Salman Khan and his group of friends. This indicated that the two were friends. The source added, “The olive branch extended by Bipasha has not gone unnoticed by Salman.”

Salman is known to do a lot for anybody who is his friend. He has given ‘special recommendation’ to one and many among his close associates and allies from the industry. Therefore Bipasha is no different, but then the fact that the two had not been on talking terms 2 years back makes this surprising.

The source also said, “It is all the more surprising as Bipasha has picked ahead of Salman’s favorite women Kangna Ranaut, Sonakshi Sinha and Zarine Khan.”

News that is even more surprising is that Bipasha will feature on the show “Bigg Boss”. The actress will be launching her second fitness DVD and will also engage in a chat with Salman Khan, something that was never seen before. Bipasha will be entering the Bigg Boss house as well and share her fitness tips with the participants. It is also being said that she will be conducting a task based on fitness. The winner of the task will also receive some special gift from her.