Bipasha Basu and John Abraham together in Vivek Agnihotri’s film Goal

Bipasha and John had a great on-screen chemistry in Jism and the film too did reasonably well. Moreover after Jism everyone wanted to see this hip and happening couple on-screen together again. They did do a few films together, but nothing really clicked. Bips and John, now an off-screen couple will soon be seen together on-screen after a break of three years. Bips and John will be seen together in Vivek Agnihotri’s film Goal.
After Jism, Bips and John were offered several films together but nothing really caught their interest. Bips was keen that she would only work with John in a film that had an interesting script and one that had an unusual role for her. The two of them will be seen together in a film after a long break of three years and hence there are bound to be huge expectations and hopes. Audiences will definitely want to witness that sizzling chemistry between these two hot and sexy stars. Both Bips and John have agreed to do Goal, a film based on football. Bips says “The script of Goal has been narrated to me and yes I am very keen to do it. However I have yet to sign the film, but yes it is very positive and there’s a definite chance that I will do the film.” Bipasha is well aware that audiences will expect a lot from their film as they are an off-screen couple too.

Recently their were rumours about the Bips-John split, but the couple have been seen together happy and content on several occasions and now are all set to do a film together, thus putting to rest all rumours of a split. The reason why Bips has agreed to do Goal is because she is extremely excited about her role in the film as it is different and she has never done such a role before. She says “The role I have been offered is superb, the character is that of a Pakistani girl and I haven’t played such a role before.” Bips claims that they will have to create a new kind of chemistry between themselves as she admits that off-screen couples are under tremendous pressure when they do a film together.

However recently it was heard that Bips and John may do Rituparno’s Mahabharat epic film together, but nothing more has been said on that front. So hope fully Bips will sign on the dotted line soon and once more we shall get to see this magical couple on-screen together creating their own magic.