Bipasha Basu almost smooched in public

Not only boys but even girls cannot take their eyes and hands from sexy Bipasha Basu. Bipasha Basu has got various stories of manhandle to tell. The most recent incident took place at the Bangalore airport. Recently, she was almost smooch by a lady. This interesting incident took place at the Bangalore airport.

The star tweeted, "Hving my yum strawberry green tea n thn hve 2 race against time 2 get ready for my fligh 2 bengaluru! It's my parents anniversary today! yay?!"

A few hours later Bipasha mentioned, "Funniest thing happened at BLR airport entrance! One aunty pulled me dwn almost pinned me to smooch me! Somehow I was saved! Near escape!"

This is not the only incident that took place with a female fan. She had a similar experience in Sri Lanka also. She tweeted, "Sri Lanka for IIFA I was saying hello 2 ppl outside d hotel, 1 girl pulled my hand n bit my finger hard! But today's aunty shocked me more!"

Oops, from now Bips have to keep extra security to protect herself.