Bipasha Basu accuses organisers of mental and physical abuse

Bipasha Basu is a well known and popular bollywood star not only in India but for a large population of Non Resident Indians (NRI). She has made her mark in films like No Entry, Corporate and Omkara. Hence recently Bipasha Basu was invited for an Independence Day special parade in New Jersey. The event was organized by the Indian Business Association on 13 August. Unfortunately the event turned out to be a bitter experience for the actress as she claims that she was both mentally and physically abused by two organisers while she was on her way to the parade.
The India Day parade was held at Edison Township, New Jersey, Oak Tree Road. At 3 pm approximately ten thousand people had gathered to view the parade in the hope of catching a glimpse of Bipasha. Unfortunately when the parade began the actress had still not arrived, but the organizers claimed that she would soon be joining them. Midway when the parade was taking place, the actress arrived on stage and asked the people if she could speak. Bipasha said “I wanted to attend the parade but I could not.” She claimed that the reason she could not be at the parade was because she was mentally and physically abused by some of the organisers. Bips said “I am coming from a profession that deserves respect and hence I also deserve respect.”

The actress claimed that independence was not only for men, but also for women. Unfortunately there were not many people who heard the actress’s comments as the parade was still taking place midway and also those who were around were not sure if the actress was simply joking. The entire episode unfolded at a fast pace. Meanwhile on stage too, the organizers interrupted Bipasha’s speech and she left the venue immediately. It was only later that talk about Bipasha being harassed surfaced.

Spokesperson from Indian Business Association, Satish Poondi said “We are a respected organization that functions since 1991. We have to conduct a thorough investigation as to what happened. Till then we cannot comment much on the allegation.” Satish claims that Bipasha breached the contract with the organisers as one of the clauses stated that she would attend the functions on time. The previous night too, Bips attended the event organized by the company quite late and did not event turn up for the parade. Bipasha has not lodged a formal complaint about the incident with the organizers nor with the police yet.

Bipasha will soon be seen Dhoom 2 sporting a bikini , she will also be seen in Abbas-Mutan’s next film for which she sports two different looks.