Bipasha as ‘Draupadi’ and John as ‘Arjun’ in the Mahabharat epic

Acclaimed director Rituparno Ghosh is currently busy with the direction of his film Sunglass. But Rituparno already seems to have a number of films lined up after he is done with Sunglass. Ghosh will be working with Bipasha whom he has chosen to play ‘Draupadi’ in his interpretation of the Mahabharat epic. Ghosh also has another epic film ‘Sahib, Bibi Aur Ghulam under the banner of Pritish Nandy Communications. Now Ghosh wants John Abraham to play the role of Arjun in the Mahabharat epic. After their film Jism together, Bips and John will be seen in their second film together and this time it will be a period film.
Earlier when John was selected to play the character of ‘Bhootnath’ in PNC’s production ‘Sahib, Bibi Aur Ghulam’ Ghosh was apprehensive about John being able to play the character. There was a slight misunderstanding between John and the director and things were blown out of proportion. However Ghosh is now convinced that John will not only be able to play the character of Bhootnath but also the role of Arjun in his other film based on the Mahabharat epic. However Ghosh clarifies the issue saying “Initially I had reservations about John as Bhootnath. However once I came to terms with John as Bhootnath, I’ve decided to rewrite the character to suit his persona. I also want John to play Arjun in my Mahabharat where Bipasha will be Draupadi.”

Rituparno claims that in his film the Mahabharat will be portrayed from Draupadi’s point of view. He says “it would be very intimate, womanist and minimalist” as the film will only depict parts of Draupadi’s life which are relevant to the story. Ghosh claims that Bipasha is the right choice for his Draupadi and says “Bipasha was primarily chosen because of her skin complexion. Bipasha is a very contemporary actress and getting the right look is half the battle and she also has sensuality, enigma and beauty.” Ghosh will make his film on a budget of around 8 crores and intends to do the entire outdoor shooting in Ladakh. As for the other character roles, he would prefer to go with regional actors. However the two important characters of Dhritirashtra and Kunti will be played by Naseeruddin Shah and Shabana Azmi.

It will be great to see Bipasha and John’s on-screen chemistry once again and this time they have a period film which will make the task even more challenging. Recently there have been rumours surrounding Bips and John, their recent split, Bipasha’s personal trauma during the Independence Day parade held in New Jersey. Unfortunately the organizers of the parade are now threatening to take legal action against the actress. On the work front though there seems to be some respite as she is busy with Abbas-Mustan’s next film and also her new endorsement of the Pantaloon clothes line campaign along with Zayed Khan. As for John he has finally mended fences with Salman Khan and is doing < a href=> another ‘Rockstars’ concert .

Bipasha though seems unperturbed by any rumours of her split with John and neither is she is insecure about John being one of the most desirable bollywood hunks currently. In fact Bips claims “The more my man is desirable, the more successful he is and it is something to be very satisfied about. I don’t mind if a beautiful girl checks him out or makes him her best friend because I know that John is always going to come back to me.” Well this should definitely put all those rumours to rest about Bips being insecure about John’s special friendship with Vidya Balan or Miss Sherawat.