Bijuka-Bollywood's Longest Rape Scene

Women have always been a victim to men’s atrocities, and portraying one such occurrence is the film, ‘Bijuka’.

Arti Rautela and Amit Purohit play the lead roles in Bijuka where in Arti falls victim to a gang rape, ironically it is her husband and village panchayat.
And this rape scene forms the highlight of the movie, and is 7 minutes long where the girl is tortured and raped by a gang.

First time ever in Bollywood, Bijuka has the longest rape scene. Arti Rautela has depicted her acting skills brilliantly in the movie. Doing a long rape scene requires good acting skills and Arti has proven herself as a good actor. The main idea behind the rape scene is to show the painful feeling of a women who is forced. This conveys a message to the people of all the wrongs that happen in our society and we as human should understand the importance of another human being.

Arti also sharing her experience about the rape scene said, “I never thought that i would do a rape scene, but once i knew the story, it was very important for me to show the feelings of the girl. The Director was very supportive, and also said that i had to only show my face expressions and not my body. I never prepared for the rape scene, but my acting was fantastic and this passes the message about the feelings of a victim”.

In the past Aishwarya has also portrayed a similar character in the film Provoked, where Aish plays the character of a housewife who revenges her husband for raping her repeatedly. Similarly in Bijuka Arti Rautela plays a character where she is raped by a gang.

Bijuka is about a girl who’s marriage is not consummated and she goes back home to her parents. The matter is referred to the village panchayat who ask them to consummate before them and when the husband is unable to perform the same, they rape the girl. The girl in a fit of rage kills her husband because he helps the Panchayat gang and rape her. The entire rape scene of eight and a half minutes was filmed at one go in four hours flat.

The film produced under the banner of Parshva Productions was to be shot in the Bina district of Madhya Pradesh and was shifted to Vidisha after a locals expressed interest to act in the film.Vidisha is where late lyricist Shailendra's Teesri Kasam starring Raj Kapoor and Waheeda Rehman was shot years ago.

Bijuka has been shot in six days. The 74 minute film, Bijuka is a stark black film with music by EMU from Fuzon and legendary ghazal singer Hussain Baksh has sung for the film and has only 53 dialogues in it. "There's no background music as well, because we wanted to keep the film realisitic," says Sayed.