Bigg Boss7: Love blooming between Gauhar, Kushal

After some fights, day 8 of Bigg Boss 7 saw drop of romance in the tensed situation of the house between the two hell mates Gauhar Khan and Kushal Tandon. Gauhar who recently shifted from heaven to hell seems to have found love and support in Kushal. Later in the day, Gauhar and Kushal spend quality time together and they hang out together.

Kushal also tells Gauhar she is the only person whom he loves to give trouble in the house and he also gave her back message to make her feel relax.

When Gauhar got hurt, Kushal run for her rescue and tried to heel her pain. The duo is considered an item and it is also hoping lots coming up in the show.

In every season of Bigg Boss, one laila and one majnu was witnessed to entertain the audience and build up the TRPs of the show. In the past, we have seen Ashmit Patel going too cozy with Veema Malik in the show and Sana Khan tied the knot publicly with her boyfriend.

The theme of the seventh season of the reality show is hell and heaven and in the true sense the housemates are going to experience both hell and heaven. They are facing toilet problem, water crisis and food crisis.

Kick-start with 14 contestants, Bigg Boss is inspired from Hollywood popular reality show, Big Brother. The contestants will be locked for three months inside the house and their every activity will be captured by camera installed in the house.