Bigg Boss 8: Karishma accuses Rahul, Dimpy cries

The episode aired on 13th January showcased how the latest luxury budget task of Bigg Boss season 8 created a lot of chaos and drama in the Bigg Boss household. The participants were divided into two teams, Challengers and Champions. The Challengers had to manage a call center where the Champions would make calls. Champions could call and question any participant about their life in the household or their personal life. The rules stated that each question had to be answered. Karishma was in the Champions team and being the captain, was asked to judge the task.      

Bigg Boss participant Karishma Tanna used the task to make Rahul Mahajan feel guilty for his actions.  Rahul flirted with Karishma Tanna on the show even while his wife Dimpy was around. At first Karishma was seen taking the matter in a jovial manner. But eventually she snapped at Rahul for flirting with her. The other inmates inquired as to why all of a sudden she was objecting to Rahul’s flirtatious behaviour. Karishma said, “I do not want to be portrayed as a vamp affecting Rahul and Dimpy’s relation”.

Karishma took help of the competition to call up Rahul who was pretending to be a call centre employee at that moment. Karishma lashed out the harsh words against Rahul and his flirty behaviour over the phone.

This happened as the result of the earlier confrontations that occurred between Dimpy and Karishma regarding Rahul. Karishma earlier stated that, “Ali opined Dimpy is trying to gain sympathy from audiences by crying for Rahul”. 

It was seen that while Rahul and Dimpy was talking privately, Dimpy said, “Even if we move on in life, get married and have kids, I will still respect you. I will be deeply affected by any negative comments made about you.”

Karishma’s comments led to a fight between Dimpy and herself. Dimpy asked Karishma not to spread rumours about her on national television. To this Karishma retorted saying, “Rahul told me that you have a boyfriend in Dubai, who is very possessive about you.” Dimpy asked Karishma not to make any such comments about her personal life as she could also do the same. Dimpy said, “I also know many secrets about you and have photographs to back up my claims”.  

Rahul tried to intervene in the matter and inquired “Are you two fighting?” To this both the ladies replied that they never fight and were just sorting out the matter through discussion. Later in the day Karishma apologised to Rahul for her rudeness and said, “I did not mean to hurt you”. Dimpy and Karishma also resolved their issues by apologising to each other. They concluded that Ali is responsible for the complete argument and that he cannot be trusted.  

However, it seems that the discussions never actually solved the brewing problem between the two ladies. It is evident from the verbal lashing that Rahul received from Karishma.