Bigg Boss's new member Diana hopeful to win

Bigg Boss's new housemate is former Miss World Diana Hayden. After the eviction of some contestants, Diana has been included to add to the glamour quotient and to keep the flow of the game going. She is quite excited to be part of this interesting game show and also hopeful about her victory. Though she is a celebrity, she is looking forward to do all the household chores by herself and quite excited about the idea.

When Diana was asked whether she is ready for all the ego clashes and the drama, she said, “When one gets into something like this, they can't be prepared for anything. One just has to go with the flow, as and when it happens. And the best you can do is be yourself”. She is currently hosting a popular show called Biography on National Geographic channel and she wished to continue her career in television.

Bigg Boss is in a very interesting stage where war has already been declared and contestants started to throw their trump cards. Diana will enter the Bigg Boss House on Monday as another housemate.