Ajaz Khan banned from ‘Bigg Boss 8’

‘Bigg Boss’ constantly spices up the drama inside the house to keep the viewers engrossed. The recent twist in the show was the entry of Ajaz Khan, the well known personality from the 7th season of ‘Bigg Boss’. The reality show gave the viewers a splendid New Year surprise, with Ajaz stepping inside as the first challenger. The controversies and the loud arguments definitely draw swarms of viewers, but the boss does not tolerate violence in his house. Ajaz defied the mighty boss when he entered into serious argument with contestant Ali Quli Mirza. The fight turned ugly and soon became violent. Following this, Ajaz was straight away shown the exit door.

It all started as mere teasing between Ajaz and Ali. But who knew what it was to become within the next few minutes! The reality show had taken Ajaz into the house, as he had been highly entertaining during the last season. The reason for the dispute was Ali nominating Ajaz for elimination. The latter was enraged and started uttering insulting remarks. He soon lost control over words, and came the remark “Isey maine Andheri station se utthaaya, khilaaya pilaaya aur sahi raasta dikhaaya, I know him for 15 years.” But the house members were dismayed when the furious contestant threatened Ali, “Maar daaloonga aaj.”

The indecent words were followed by some serious action. As his temper rose, Ajaz started throwing punches at his opponent. When he started punching his victim, the inmates tried to keep him at bay and prevent further violence. But Ajaz was too furious to listen to his fellows and continued with the savagery. Ajaz had targeted Ali from the very first day of his entry. He had shown resentment towards him from the start. His rage reached its zenith when he was nominated and he couldn’t keep it down any more. Though Ali had suffered the derogatory remarks and even the punches, he was smart enough to not hit his perpetrator in return.

The elimination of Ajaz followed the unpleasant incident. When he was kicked out of the house, ‘Bigg Boss’ announced how sorry he was to bring him back, “Ajaz, aapko humne waapas laakar bahot badi galti ki hai, aur abb hum woh galati sudhaarengey.” The witty entertainer will be missed in the house. But no worries! He has been replaced by another amusing personality. Imam Siddique is the one who gathered fame in the sixth season of ‘Bigg Boss’ has been chosen as the new challenger.