Bigg Boss: Non-celebrity contestants of previous seasons

One of the most popular reality shows ‘Bigg Boss’ is all set to kick off its tenth season on Sunday, October 16. This time the Bigg Boss house has been opened for common people, who will be contesting with the celebrities. Reportedly, there will be six celebrities and eight non-celebrity contestants on ‘Bigg Boss 10’. But this is not first time that the show will feature non-celebrities. In fact, the show’s previous seasons too included lesser known people, though fewer in number. The difference this time is that the makers invited general public to apply to participate in the show with a video of themselves. They were then selected on the basis of their video clips. So, let’s delve into the previous seasons and look at some of the lesser known participants who had no direct link with the world of glamour and showbiz.

Jaya Sawant – Her claim to fame is that she is the mother of controversy queen and ‘Bigg Boss 1’ contestant Rakhi Sawant. Jaya appeared on season three of the show, but unlike her daughter, wasn’t able to grab the attention of the audience and was evicted in the first week itself.

Seema Parihar – A former bandit turned politician, Seema participated in ‘Bigg Boss 4’. She amazingly stayed in the house many weeks, more than what was expected of her. Not many people knew her, she had no celebrity backing or any glam factor about her, but Seema won the hearts of the audience as well as her co-contestants with her good behaviour and politeness.           

Devinder Singh aka Bunty Chor – This compulsive thief is said to have committed over 500 burglaries across the country. It is said that Dibakar Banerjee’s film ‘Oye Lucky Lucky Oye!’ starring Abhay Deol was based on his exploits. Devinder was invited to participate in the season 4 of the show, but within hours after entering the house, he became uncomfortable. His co-contestants tried their best to befriend him, but he misbehaved with them. Due to his ill-behaviour, Bigg Boss asked him to leave the show on the second day itself.   

Abbas Kazmi – He is the criminal lawyer who got wide media coverage for representing 26/11 Mumbai attacks terrorist Ajmal Kasab. He entered the Bigg Boss house in season 4 and despite being the oldest contestant on the show, he got along well with his fellow housemates. He enjoyed working out in the gym and could debate endlessly, and talked about his experiences on the infamous Kasab case. But audience didn’t seem to like him and he was eliminated in the first week itself.

Nihita Biswas – ‘Bigg Boss’ has always featured one or more foreigners, and Nihita Biswas was invited all the way from Nepal to participate in season five of the reality show. Reason? Nihita became famous after marrying the notorious serial killer Charles Shobraj, who is over 44 years older than her. Though Nihita was the first contestant to be evicted, her brief presence created a stir inside the house when her co-contestants asked her personal questions regarding her relationship with the ‘bikini killer’.

Aseem Trivedi – The controversial cartoonist gained fame with his ‘Catroons Against Corruption’ campaign in support of Anna Hazare’s nationwide anti-corruption movement in 2011. Trivedi contested in ‘Bigg Boss 6’ and maintained a calm demeanour inside the house and wasn’t entertaining at all. But his presence inside the house stirred a controversy outside with Republican Party of India activists demanding his removal from the show. Trivedi was shown the door in the fourth week of the show.

Sampat Pal Devi – She is the founder leader of women’s organisation ‘Gulaab Gang’ in Uttar Pradesh’s Bundelkhand region. Coming from a different background and lifestyle, Sampat took time to mingle with her co-contestants, who lovingly addressed her as ‘mataji’. She spent five weeks in ‘Bigg Boss 6’. Around that time in 2012, shooting started for Soumik Sen’s film ‘Gulaab Gang’ starring Madhuri Dixit and Juhi Chawla, which is said to be based on Sampat’s life and organisation. Days ahead of the film’s release in March 2014, Sampat filed a case against the filmmakers for making a film based on her lifer without her permission.

Kashif Qureshi – This Hyderabad-based martial arts expert enter the house of ‘Bigg Boss 6’ as a representative of the ‘common man’. However, the audience failed to save him with their votes and he was shown the door in the second week itself. It was alleged that Kashif was already known to host Salman Khan, and Kashif had also later shared a picture of him with the superstar clicked during the shooting of 2009 film ‘Wanted’.  

Anita Advani – A former starlet who was seen in ‘Saazish’ (1988), ‘Aao Pyaar Karen’ (1983) and ‘Daasi’ (1981), Anita claimed to be the live-in partner of late actor Rajesh Khanna. She made news due to her feud with Rajesh Khanna’s family over property following the actor’s death. Few people knew about her before that. She entered ‘Bigg Boss 7’ and stayed in the house for three weeks.

Priya Malik – Born in Dehradun and based in Australia, Priya is a teacher by profession and was one of the finalist of ‘Big Brother Australia’ in 2014. She was the fourth wild card entry in ‘Bigg Boss 9’ and brought the much-needed energy and took the house by storm. She gave a tough competition to her co-contestants and was also selected as the second finalist of the show. However, she wasn’t immune to eliminations and was voted out just a week before the finale.