‘Bigg Boss Halla Bol’: Ajaz Khan to enter the house again

Ajaz Khan is all set to enter ‘Bigg Boss 8’ house once again.  He is not going to fight for the title or play a new game but only remain as a special guest in the house till the grand finale.

Ajaz Khan was previously eliminated from the show for his violent behaviour. Ajaz entered the show as a challenger after Salman Khan left the host seat. Ajaz was ousted from the show after his fight with Ali Quli Mirza turned ugly. When Ajaz got physical with Ali, ‘Bigg Boss’ asked him to leave the house.

As the eight season of the reality show is nearing towards the grand finale, Ajaz Khan is expected to add some spice to the show. Five contestants will now fight for the ‘Bigg Boss 8’ trophy and 50 lakhs prize money.