Bigg Boss exposes Amar Upadhyay’s double standards!

The countless fans that idolized Amar Upadhyay over the years, as the clean Mihir Virmani of Ekta Kapoor’s Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, were in for a rude shock as the ex-blue-eyed-boy of Indian television entered Bigg Boss this week as a Wild Card Entry.

Reason being, Amar doesn’t seem to be as straight-forward in real life. Or at least, this is what came across, as he walked into Bigg Boss, under the vigilance of 55-odd cameras which the reality show boasts of.

Within minutes of entering the House, Amar was seen having a private chat with eunuch Laxmi Narayan Tripathi, instigating her about not reacting to a comment Pooja Bedi had passed in an initial episode of the show. Exaggerating the incident, he seemed to make an effort to create a rift between Pooja and Laxmi, both of whom had welcomed him with love and affection in the House just a while ago.

Later, Laxmi discussed Amar’s tactics with Pooja Bedi and Shonali Nagrani saying, “Aate hi kaun aisi baat karega,” as they both laughed at his folly. Amar was also seen being sugary with the House Captain Shakti Kapoor and participating in a discussion with Pooja Bedi, Juhi Parmar and Shonali Nagrani, against Pooja Misrra. “Maine ek cheez notice kiya hai logon mein. Uski (Misrra) ki hi baatein ho rahi hai! Kitna importance hai uska,” he taunted.

By evening, Amar sat in the garden area, quizzing Shradha Sharma, “Pooja Bedi ke bare mein kya vichaar hai? Aapko lagta hai, kuch strategy banayee hai usne?” As the episode ended, Amar sat besides the hassled and neglected Pooja Misrra’s bed, siding with her and consoling her, simultaneously reminding her that the same people she thinks are friendly with her, had nominated her for evection last week.

Then on, he gave Misrra an ‘idea’ to either mix with others, or go all out and fight! Gosh! If this is not politics and double standards, what is! Wonder what his family watching the show, would be thinking! The guy is playing both sides. Narayana Narayana!