Bigg Boss contestants, Rahul, Aanchal in love

Bigg Boss contestants, Rahul Bhatt and Aanchal Kumar are in true love. They met on the set of Bigg Boss and fall in love and proposed one another after their eviction. Rahul has developed the special feeling for Aanchal after judging her closely in the house. He feels that Aanchal is very honest and lovely person.

After the eviction when Rahul commented, “I’ll miss Aanchal the most” has strengthened the rumor of their fondness for each other. They have been dating for over a month now.

Confirming his relationship status, Rahul said, “Yes Aanchal and I are seeing each other. We’ve been dating for a month now. It takes me a long time to open up with people. I have very few friends and after what I’ve gone through (the Headley episode) I’m even more wary of new contacts.”

When he was asked what makes him fall for Aanchal, he said, “She is honest, trustworthy and a lovely person. I’m looking at a long-term relationship.”

Aanchal Kumar celebrated New Year in Goa sans Rahul and when he was asked about not being with his ladylove, he replied, “This year, I was with my close group of friends in Pune. But next year, I promise I’ll be in Goa with Aanchal.”

While Aanchal was diplomatic in her answer, “Rahul is a friend.”