Bigg Boss 9: Wild card entrant Priya Malik becomes next finalist

Wild card contestant Priya Malik has earned a spot in the finale of ‘Bigg Boss 9’. Ex ex-Bigg Boss contestant Imam Siddiqui selected the Australia-based teacher to join Prince Narula in the finale of the reality show after a series of tasks. Imam was vested with the special power to choose the second finalist for the season basing on the challenges given by him.

Before the finalists name was announced, ‘Bigg Boss’ introduced a task, ‘Imam Ki Adalat’ which was the last chance for the housemates to prove their worth to make it to finals. Each contestant had face Imam’s questions and their co-contestants’ allegations. Keith being nominated for the whole season was not a part of the task.

Mandana is the first one to be tried and she apologised for her aggressive behaviour and regretted not taking a stand for Rochelle when she needed her help. Prince was next in line. He claimed to have played the game with his heart and admitted making wrong choices sometimes. Rishabh asks him if he would give Nora a promise ring. Prince agreed to do so and added that he wants to spend some time with Nora.

When Priya’s turn comes, Imam accused her of using feminism and racism cards in the game for her advantage. She claimed that she had been fair and never resorted to irrational games. Rishabh accepted creating a lot of drama for the sake of entertainment. Rochelle got emotional as she faced the allegations against her, but regained confidence eventually.

Imam chose two contenders – Rishabh and Priya, who he thought deserved to be in the finale. The other housemates voted in favour of Priya and sent her to the finale.