Bigg Boss 9: What makes Rimi Sen upset with Salman Khan

With the weekend special in ‘Bigg Boss 9’ show, another eviction is set to take place in the house from among the nominated contestants Prince, Mandana, Roopal, Aman and Rimi. While Prince and Mandana have been declared safe in Saturday’s episode, the contestant with the least audience vote will be revealed on Sunday.

However, host Salman is not someone to reveal the name easily, and loves to maintain the anxiety of the candidates in the danger zone. In doing so, Salman reveals that Bigg Boss has decided to give Rimi the ticket to finale, which means she is safe from nominations and will remain in the house until the show’s final week.

Now, who is always saying that she doesn’t want to stay in the house anymore, was visibly upset. She has not been showing any interest in the tasks and didn’t even participate in the ‘selfie’ task saying that she doesn’t want to get her face punched merely for a box of chocolates.

Hearing Salman’s announcement, Rimi gets quite irritated and says that the producers of the show were harassing her. She wants to leave the show but the production house is doing just the opposite. Seeing her angry outburst, Salman could not control his laughter and tells that he was simply playing a prank on her. Rimi bursts into tears saying this is not the way to joke around with someone.

Salman also reveals that Rimi got the highest votes in the house this week, which means she is safe. So this leaves Aman and Roopal. In the first week Ankit Gera had to leave, so will it be his ex-girlfriend Roopal to follow suit?

The weekend saw host Salman take up the cases of the housemates on their activities through the week. Salman teased Prince about his folly of getting the figures wrong during the ‘auction’ task, while praising Keith for understanding the task. Salman decided to return Keith’s bag as a token of appreciation.

In the ‘lagaan’ task, Mandana was applauded for her efforts and grilled Prince and Suyyash who according to the housemates were best performers of the task. He chided Suyyash who claimed to have played a fair game that he had disclosed his team’s secret to his girlfriend Kishwer who was their opponent in the task.

Meanwhile, Sunday will see actor Randeep Hooda on the show who visits to promote his upcoming film ‘Main Aur Charles’ which is releasing on October 30.