Bigg Boss 9: Ugly spats, emotions mark Diwali for contestants

It is Diwali in Bigg Boss house and the members celebrate the festival of lights with lots of fights and a little entertainment, competition and emotions as well.

The housmates wake up in festive mood to the song ‘Happy Diwali’ in the house decorated with flowers and colourful lights. The verbal fireworks begin from the morning itself when Digangana prepares breakfast for everyone.

Mandana taunts Digangana that she belongs to Kishwer’s club, but should make breakfast that everyone likes rather than blindly following Kishwer’s instructions. Kishwer who overhears their conversation says that Mandana is full of hatred and is just looking for opportunities to pick a fight with others.

Meanwhile, Rochelle and Mandana seem to getting along quite well for some time. In the morning, Rochelle shared her previous night’s beautiful dream with Mandana. Later, the two discuss that Kishwer, Prince and Suyyash are spreading a lot of negativity inside the house and it is slowly taking a toll on them. Seeing the present equation between the two, Kishwer tells Prince and Suyyash that she is waiting to see Mandana and Rochelle get into a nasty fight and see Rochelle being left alone.

Unaware of the awaiting trouble, housemates are happy with the generosity of Bigg Boss for sending them their respective family’s Diwali gifts. But to their dismay, Bigg Boss has put forth a condition on which members all will be able to get their gifts. Captain Rishabh is asked to mention three names, other than himself, who were missing their families the most. He names Digangana, Mandana and Puneet.

The three are then sent to the ‘Double Trouble’ room to decide the fate of the housemates and their gifts. Bigg Boss gives them four options to choose from- 1) If only one person presses the button, the entire house gets the gifts, 2) If any two of them press the button, the third person will get the gift, 3) If all of them press the button, any three contestants chosen by them will not get the gifts, 4) If no one presses the button, only the three of them will get the gifts. Just before the time expires, Puneet presses the buzzer and all of them are able to have their gifts. Everyone get emotional as they open their gifts.

With the luxury budget task ‘highway’ being cancelled the previous day as things went overboard, Bigg Boss gives the housemates another chance to earn the luxury budget. This time it is an entertaining and fun-filled Diwali special task. The task named ‘Bigg Boss Got Talent’ required them to showcase their talents, and yet again the house was divided into two groups with Aman Rochelle, Rishabh and Digangana in team A and Kishwer, Suyyash, Rimi and Puneet in team B. Mandana and Prince were made the judges of the task. The tasks included a skit of any interesting scene from Bigg Boss house by both the teams, a dance performance between Rimi and Rochelle, a stand-up act by Aman and Rishabh where Rishabh would be a puppet and Aman puppeteer and a parody by Puneet Puneet and Suyyash describing peculiarities of every housemate.

As they begin rehearsing for their respective acts, a fight breaks out between Rochelle and Kishwer. When Rishabh shows some steps to Rochelle for the dance, Kishwer objects. Rochelle is irked when she sees Suyyash practicing dance to the song with Rimi for performance as Bigg Boss has asked for a solo performance. Kishwer jumps into the fight saying that Suyyash will be dancing only for the opening as the song had a male vocal in the beginning. She also warns Rochelle that only Bigg Boss will decide whether Suyyash will dance or not.

Rochelle cries and complains that she just wants to dance and have fun, but the house mates have found reasons to fight on the Diwali eve instead of taking part in the celebrations. When Prince accuses her of starting the fight, she barks at him asking him to leave her alone. Bigg Boss, however, tells Kishwer that since it’s a solo performance, only Rimi should dance.

Both the teams give excellent performances and the task ends in a tie. The entire house gets the luxury budget hamper which includes chocolates, nuts and other edibles. The day comes to an end as they sing and dance and with fireworks in the sky.