Bigg Boss 9: Suyyash becomes new captain; Aman turns a thief

Keeping in tune with the ‘colourful’ task for captaincy to be held later in the day, Bigg Boss plays the song ‘Rang De Basanti’ as the morning alarm for the housemates on day 33 of the show. They wake up and carry on with their daily chores.

As the day progresses, Bigg Boss announces the captaincy task and says that only the first three members to enter the confession room after the announcement is over, will be in the captaincy race for the week.  A mad rush ensues to the confession room and Suyyush, Rochelle and Prince reach there before others.

The captaincy task is held later in the evening in the garden area. The task involves other housemates to apply red colour on the T-shirts of contenders Suyyash, Rochelle and Prince, who in turn had to protect themselves from getting painted with the help of a shield. The housemates are provided with long sticks with a sponge placed on the tip to apply the paint. The contenders are also required to stay inside a circle during the task, and stepping out of it will result in disqualification.

Suyyash becomes the winner of this fun-filled colourful task and is made the captain with immediate effect.

The day was not devoid of backbiting and petty fights. Earlier in the day, Mandana and Rochelle discuss about the Diwali performance. Rochelle says that she did not like the fact that her performance drew criticism when she was least expecting it. Mandana tells her that she has become an object of ridicule inside the house and she does not like it either.

Rishabh and Digangana seem to have buried their proverbial hatchet as he advices her to start taking a stand for herself and not get dragged into pointless matters.

Rishabh as captain of the house assigns household chores to the members. Mandana who has been assigned to set the bedroom and clean the carpet refuses to do the job citing back pain. She also adds that if she misplaces anything by mistake while cleaning the beds, it will lead to unnecessary fights.

In a casual conversation with Suyyash, Prince and Kishwer, Rishabh says that Mandana is refusing to work because she finds cleaning and mopping degrading. Prince says that she was the one to find his faults during the hotel task and now she is being inefficient in keeping the house clean.

Tired of this blame game, Mandana revolts once again and removes her mic. She tells Bigg Boss that if this is what she is required to do to have a conversation with him, then she is game for it and will not wear it until the issue is resolved.

Towards the evening,  Kishwer discover that the chocolates send by Bigg Boss on Diwali are missing from the fridge. She asks Prince who has taken it and Prince and Suyyash said it could be Rishabh as they had seen him counting the chocolates. They also ask Aman who denies knowning anything, but later he tells Mandana and Rochelle that he has hidden the chocolates and also sugar. 

In another task between two teams, a male member of each team had to get his face and another member has to open a few boxes and wash the others face. During this task Rishabh blakened his face, but Puneet who washes his face, forcefully splashed water on Rishabh’s face leaving him agitated. Puneet apologises to Rishabh, but he walks away without paying any heed.