Bigg Boss 9: Salman celebrates b’day with housemates; Gisele evicted

Bollywood superstar and ‘Bigg Boss 9’ host Salman Khan turned 50 on Sunday and the actor celebrated his birthday with the contestants. All the housemates welcomed Salman inside the house when he entered.

Bigg Boss and the housemates organised a game of treasure hunt for Salman. He was given a set of clues to find the hidden gifts which included a ‘Friend’ cap like the one in his film ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’. The hidden gifts also included protein shakes and bars, a collage of his movies, a white canvas and paints.

Salman took the canvas and in a jiffy painted an image of Jesus Christ and presented it to the housemates as a return gift. One of the clues also took him to the storeroom where there was a cake. Salman cut the cake in the living room as the housemates sang ‘Happy Birthday!’  

Bigg Boss also shows to all housemates and Salman a video of his journey in ‘Bigg Boss 9’.

Earlier, the housemates had also prepared a birthday card with glitters and sparkles and all of them wrote their heartfelt messages on it. They gave the card to Salman at the end of his visit and also read out their wishes.

Before leaving, he also takes with him Gisele Thakral who is evicted. Gisele is given a special power to nominate a contestant who will have the sleep outside the house for the rest of the time in the house. She nominates Prince saying that he is strong and will be able to do it.

Earlier, Salman introduced a new task called ‘party-punishment’. The game required the contestants to hit with a ball on a stack of boxes which read either ‘party’ or ‘punishment’ on each. Depending on which box they hit, their chosen candidate was given the ‘party’ or ‘punishment’.

Nora Fatehi chose party for Kishwer, but ended up giving her punishment of being Mandana’s ‘sevika’ (servant) until the next announcement. Priya hit punishment for Rishabh who was asked to always hold an umbrella over Nora whenever she goes outside in the garden area. Prince got the punishment of not kissing any girl for the next 48 hours from Keith Sequeira. Rishabh joked that he will be more than happy to step into Prince’s shoes and gives Nora a peck on her cheek. Rochelle wants to give ‘party’ to Mandana but hits on ‘punishment’ and she gets the task of cleaning the garden area.

Before the fun task, Gisele and Nora discuss about the ‘side kick’ comment by Nora, but their nomal conversation soon takes the shape of an ugly brawl. Gisele tells Nora that she should not have called her side kick as she herself was the one who follows the other housemates. When Gisele says that if she wanted, she too can remark about Prince and Nora’s relationship. Hearing this, Prince jumps into the conversation and aggressively says that they are not in any relationship.  He tells Gisele that she keeps calling Nora ‘fake’ and she doesn’t have the right to comment on their relation.