Bigg Boss 9: Rochelle-Rishabh disqualified; Suyyash becomes new captain

A lot of drama unfolds on day 73 in the Bigg Boss house, with Nora and Gisele getting into an ugly spat, while Mandana accused of being ‘racist’ and a thief. In the midst of all this, the captaincy task is held which too there not devoid of a fight.

By winning the three-level ‘Baazi’ task, Rishab-Rochelle, Mandana-Kishwer and Suyyash-Priya have already become contenders for the task. However, Bigg Boss announces that only one person from each of the three pairs may participate in the task and the other will proceed to the Double Trouble room. Bigg Boss asks them to decide the names mutually. While the two pairs decide in a jiffy, Rishabh and Rochelle have a tough time deciding and none of the two was willing to give up on the opportunity and kept fighting calling each other selfish.

They were taking very long and in view of this, Bigg Boss disqualifies both of them from the captaincy task as they could not decide upon a candidate.

So the task was held between two contenders – Mandana and Suyyash. They were given a captain ring to which they had to hold on for as long as possible and the one who lets go of the ring first would lose the captaincy task. Eventually, Mandana gives up on the task and leaves the ring and Suyyash becomes the new captain of the house.

Earlier, Nora finds a handwritten note on her bed, but is unable to read it as it is in Hindi, but her friend Prince comes to her rescue and reads it to her. Knowing that Rishabh is her ‘Secret Santa’, Nora gets upset and claims that he deliberately wrote it in Hindi to make fun of her. She later brings up the topic in front of the other housemates and Rochelle tries to calm the situation down. But, it gets even worse when Prince gets into a fight with Gizele.

Nora jumps into the squabble and calls Gizele a ‘background dancer’ and Gizele says she wasn’t dancing for Nora. Keith and Rochelle tell Nora that she must watch her tongue, but Prince defends Nora and asks Rochelle not to interfere.

Kishwer spots Rishabh’s facewash among Mandana’s belongings and feels that she has stolen it. She tells other housemates and Rishabh about it and realises that she was right. Kishwer then says that Mandana is a thief.

When Gizele, Rishabh and Priya confront Mandana and tell her that she should not have created a ruckus over chocolates, she shouts at them. Gizele reveals to Suyyash that Mandana told Priya that she wants to kick Rishabh and Gizele out of her life. She also says that Mandana told Priya not to be happy about having created a rift between Rishabh, Gizele and her. This leads to a fight between Mandana and Gizele and ends up creating further rift between the two.

Thereafter while working in the kitchen, Mandana and Priya have and arguement and Mandana tells Priya to "go back to Australia." Priya gets angry and calls Mandana a racist and reminds her that she has never told her to  go back to Iran. Rishabh adds to Gizele’s point and tells her that he would really like to see who supports Mandana in the house.

Later, Prince creates a misunderstanding between Priya and Rishabh by saying that Priya called Rishabh, Mandana’s sidekick. Priya swears on her husband and says that she did not say anything of that sort and that he is lying.