Bigg Boss 9: Rishabh unmasks serial-killer Prince

The luxury budget task ‘Murder Mystery’ continued on day 66 in the Bigg Boss house, with serial-killer Prince heading on with his killing spree. While detective Priya suspects Rishabh is doing the murders in the garb of a detective, Rishabh succeeds in unmasking the real killer Prince. 

However, Prince is not able to complete his target of five murders within the stipulated time and manages to ‘kill’ only four. Hence, he isn’t allowed to nominate anyone for the whole season, as per the condition of the task, but becomes a contender, along with Rishabh for being the next captain.

Prince first murders Gisele by kissing her and asking her to kiss him back. Then he compels Mandana to react by picking a quarrel with her and throws away food she was cooking, making her cry. His next target was Kishwer whose clothes he put in the complaint box, as per instructions. Kishwer is startled and thinks Nora is the killer as she was with Nora in the bathroom. Finally, Prince ‘kills’ Nora by eliciting her reactions by asking her to come out of the bathroom where she had been hiding with others.

The second part of the task was held in a courtroom-like set up in the garden area and a renowned journalist conducted the proceedings. Priya and Rishabh were asked to present their cases in the court.

Meanwhile, the other housemates playing the role of civilian seemed scared of being murdered and were holed up in the bathroom area throughout the time of the task. Prince even tried to ‘murder’ Rochelle by littering her bed, and instigates Suyyash for a reaction, but in vain.